Using Brand-Specific Hashtags to Target Followers

Using Brand-Specific Hashtags to Target Followers
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Let’s talk about brand specific hashtags.  What are they? You probably noticed the # sign aka hashtag on social media used by many brands, celebrities, business owners and regular people.

A brand will use it in daily communication on their social media posts, but have you ever asked yourself how to use it properly? What is a good hashtag? How much is too much?

Hashtag is not just a thing that “looks fancy” but an inevitable “tool” in communication on social media. People use it to attract followers and to make their brand more popular.

#UsersOftenDoNotKnowHowToUseHashtags. (See what I did there?) A hashtag is a powerful tool, but keep in mind that it only has power when used correctly and logically.

What do you think is the right way people search keywords: #TheTV or #TV? Does it make sense to use the hashtag #like4like on Instagram or Pinterest if you sell TVs?

Yes, you will get more brand followers, but does your target group search such words?

Here are some tips on how a brand effectively uses the hashtag:

  1. Less is more

For Twitter you already that you are limited to 140 characters. The optimum is to tweet using 1-2 hashtags associated with the topic. Although they might not have great popularity, hashtags are used on Facebook too, but not more than 4.

Do not “use more than 10 hashtags on Instagram and Pinterest. You do not want to be one of those who #UseHastagsOnEverything.

  1. Use the sign # properly

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, G +, all of these networks support hashtags. But do not try to play and put hashtags on LinkedIn because this social network does not support that option.

Note that hashtags do not support spaces, so you will need to connect words. For better visibility, it is recommended to write the initial letter of each word capitalized in order to facilitate reading the text, for example, #FridayFun.

  1. Create a unique hashtag and follow it

Create a hashtag of your brand name and use it on your posts. You can easily see what others write about you just by using the hashtag. Make sure you come up with a unique hashtag that can have more than one word, and use it with your posts.

Encourage your fans and followers to use the hashtag in communication or in reference to your brand. Not only will increase the visibility of your brand, but you can connect with fans and keep track of everything related to it.

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