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5 Ways to Use Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Website

5 Ways To Use Twitter To Drive Traffic To Your Website If you don’t use Twitter to promote valuable content on your website, then you’re missing out. Twitter has hundreds of millions of active users who log on to the network every single day. If you’re not on Twitter yet, then it’s best to create an account and get started right away! Here are five useful tips to use Twitter to your advantage and drive targeted traffic to your website: 1.    Get people curious about your content Using clickbait titles may be frowned upon by some people. But if you...

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5 Tips to Drive High-Quality Traffic from YouTube

5 Tips To Drive High-Quality Traffic From YouTube YouTube may seem like the kind of place where people only go when they want to be entertained. Say, for instance, they’re bored at home or at work, and they want to watch something funny, then they’ll go to YouTube. But YouTube is so much more than a funny cat video site! It’s the second biggest search engine right after Google. This means that it can drive significant traffic to your website if you know what to do – and this is exactly what you’ll be learning about in this article! 1.   ...

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How to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Website

How to Use Social Media To Drive Traffic to Your Website

Social media is a fantastic tool to help start conversations with prospects and customers. However, if those customers don’t transition to your website then you may not be reaching your sales and marketing goals. A few tweaks to your social media strategy may help you gain the traffic you desire. Below are five simple things you can do to use social media to drive traffic to your website. #1 Make Your Social Media Content Searchable Sites like Twitter allow you to include tags in your posts, aka hashtags#. Pinterest allows you to identify categories and include tags. Use these features...

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